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inogen accessories

Inogen offers a wide variety of inogen accessories to help patients with oxygen therapy live a more independent life. Many of these items are made in America and are backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Travel Cart with Carry Bag

The Inogen One G2 Travel Cart and Carry Bag is lightweight and designed for added mobility. It features a soft shoulder strap, convenient zip-flap for battery changes and telescoping handle for easy storage and transporting.

External Battery Charger for Inogen Concentrators

The Inogen battery is rechargeable and can be charged in the concentrator using the AC Power Supply, a mobile power charger or by an external battery charger. It takes about 3 hours to charge the single battery and about 8 hours for the double battery.

Saving Money on Your Oxygen Therapy: Where to Find Used Inogen Accessories

The portable oxygen backpack is a great way to protect your Inogen One G4 or Inogen One G5 from weather damage. It’s made of a durable polyester material and includes an interior zippered pocket, a padded carrying handle and shoulder strap.

Inogen Connect Application

The free Inogen Connect application for iOS and Android devices is a great way to monitor your Inogen One G5 oxygen concentrator. It allows you to access the device’s battery life, settings and software updates on your smartphone.

Freedom Bundles for Inogen Oxygen Systems

Inogen offers a variety of freedom bundles for its portable and stationary oxygen systems. They include one portable oxygen concentrator, a single or double battery and a corresponding carry bag at a discounted price.

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