Swivel Casters Heavy Duty


Swivel Casters Heavy Duty

Unlike rigid swivel casters heavy duty , which keep the wheel on a straight course, swivel casters allow for 360 degree turns. This allows for a more efficient and versatile way to move cargo, and eliminates the need to constantly walk around the object or bend over to turn it.

Rigid and Swivel Casters

There are many different types of casters available, depending on your needs. Some of them are more durable and stronger than others, so it’s important to choose the right one for your cart or equipment.

Swivel casters are more convenient and easier to use than rigid casters because they tend to align parallel with the direction of travel. This can be especially helpful when the cart is being moved down an aisle or when making tight turns.

Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Casters Wheels for Your Application

The ability of a caster to rotate in place depends on the size of its wheel and how much ground contact it has with the floor. Wider wheels with more ground contact area have higher load capacity. However, they may also have greater swivel-rotation resistance when moving in place.

Kingpin versus Kingpinless

A kingpin caster is made with a central kingpin that holds the swivel raceways and ball bearings together. This design provides additional strength, lower wear and tear, smoother swiveling action, and more impact resistance than a kingpinless caster.

Another alternative is to use multiple narrow wheels in tandem on the same swivel axis. This can improve swivel-rotation resistance while increasing the load capacity of the caster.

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