Custom Text Stickers For Cars


custom text stickers for cars

Custom text stickers for cars | Vinyl Status  are a great way to personalize your car and give it an extra special touch. They can include anything from a favorite quote to a custom design or logo. These stickers are made from high-quality vinyl material and can be applied and removed without damaging your car’s paint or leaving any residue behind.

Choose from kiss cut, transfer tape and die cut sticker options.

Kiss cut: For easy application, our kiss cut stickers are pre-cut from one piece of single-color vinyl that is applied to a substrate with application tape. The application tape is made from a clear plastic that allows the installer to see exactly where they are placing the sticker on the substrate, ensuring it sticks securely.

Die cut: Our die cut stickers are printed on premium vinyl that is thicker than traditional vinyl stickers. This gives your logo or design sticker a premium feel that will last longer than normal stickers.

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Circle Stickers: Our circle stickers are perfect for those who already have a perfectly circular logo or want to create a new logo sticker that has a circle shape around it. These stickers are also available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Dog Face Stickers: Turn a picture of your furry friend into a personalized dog face sticker! These are ideal for dog lovers, and can be printed on white vinyl or colored vinyl with a small white border.

Creating a custom sticker is simple and fun. All you have to do is select a design, add text and upload an image or file. Then, we’ll take care of the rest!

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