Rat Pest Control – How to Prevent a Rat Infestation


Rat Pest Control

If you see Safe Pest Control  scurrying around your property, there’s a good chance you have a rat infestation. However, rats can also be present even when you don’t see them. The telltale signs include droppings, gnawing marks, scurrying sounds, urine stains and chewed-open food packaging. Look for gnaw marks along the baseboards, walls and other secluded areas where rats like to hide. You might also find shredded paper, fabric and plants that rats have chewed up.

Rats can squeeze through openings as small as a quarter. That’s why it’s important to inspect and seal every entrance point into your home, including vents, chimneys, roof vents, attics and utility entry points. Also, be sure to trim bushes and trees that are close to your house so rodents don’t use them as highways into the attic or roof.

Rat Pest Control in Urban Areas: Challenges and Solutions

Pest control professionals offer a number of rat extermination methods, including trapping and baiting. Typically, traps are set in secluded areas where rats travel or seek shelter. They are also placed in natural travel ways and near places where rat signs, such as droppings or gnawing marks, have been discovered.

To help prevent a rat problem, keep garbage bins tightly sealed and clean up spilled food and drinks. Fix leaky pipes and faucets, store food in sealed containers, remove trash and compost regularly, and don’t leave pet foods or water out overnight. Also, when building or remodeling, consider adding rodent-proofing to the attic and roof, floor drains, foundation, basement and exterior doors. This is a lot cheaper than having to do it later.

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