The Different Aspects of Web Design and How They Can Be Used to Create Effective Websites


Web design is a complex process that involves visual design, user experience (UX), and coding. It is important to understand these processes in order to create websites that are functional and engaging for users. This article explores the different aspects of web design and how they can be used to create effective websites.

How much is a full web design?

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an important aspect of web design because it helps to ensure that a website meets its business objectives and fulfills user needs. Pinpoint Digital includes determining the type of website required, understanding the audience, and creating goals for the site. It also involves developing wireframes for how visitors navigate through each page of the website. The strategic plan is then used to guide the rest of the web design process.


The coding phase of web design is where the actual website is created. This is done using various coding languages, including PHP and Jquery, which allows for a greater level of functionality on a website than traditional HTML. It is important for a designer to have a good understanding of these coding languages so that they can troubleshoot problems and make necessary changes to the website.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Finally, it is essential for a web design company to perform quality assurance and testing on the finished product. This is to ensure that the website functions properly and is free from bugs and errors. This can be done by manually checking each page of the website or through automated tests such as a site crawler.

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