How to Change Your Router’s Username and Password


Sometimes when you connect to the internet you receive a message such as Username is not available, or the username is currently offline, or username is not permitted. If you see these messages, the first thing to check is that your router has not automatically reconnected (which would be highly unlikely) or the connection to the internet has been disconnected for some reason. In this case, you may need to enable “chat logging” in Network settings. This option is only available if you are using a WLAN that supports it and then click “OK”.

Does Find The Router Ip Address Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

If you are unable to connect to the internet, or the wireless card does not recognise your username, or username and password, there are two other methods you can try. The first is to enter a telnet shell into the browser, which unfortunately is not as simple as typing your username and password in any text editor. If you can get into the telnet shell, you may find that you can simply hit return to get back into the browser. Unfortunately, if you type in anything else, the computer will not be able to recognize it.

The second method is to edit the “ login – router hax” file of your PC, which is basically a database of all the user names and passwords that your computer knows. You can find this file by right clicking on Start, then click Run, then type “regedit” (without the quotes). Enter a value in the field for username, which is the IP address of your network’s router. Then, press Enter to run the search, to look for any changes. If you find any, change the username, and save the changes.

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