Shop Front Ideas For a New Look


Redesigning a shop front is a great way to give your business a new and bespoke look while still maintaining the historical continuity of the area. However, coming up with creative and effective shop front ideas can be challenging. The design of the door head, window displays and signage are key to attracting customers and showcasing your brand. The best way to find inspiration for your shop front is to look around your local area to see what other businesses are doing with their own storefronts.

Having distinctive and easy-to-read signage is a crucial element of effective shop fronts. Using contrasting colours will help passers-by read the message at a glance, and the style of lettering should be in keeping with the rest of your brand aesthetic. BookBar, for example, has a bold, eye-catching sign that perfectly complements their colorful interior design, while Know & Love has a more understated monochromatic scheme with their shopfront signage.

Unlocking the Potential: Innovative Shop Front Ideas to Make Your Business Stand Out

Aside from displaying products in your window displays, you can also use them to communicate a story or offer additional value. For example, if you sell natural products, display your products in their natural environment to create a sense of authenticity. This approach can make your shop feel more welcoming and trustworthy, and it will also help customers to understand more about what they’re buying.

Some stores also use their windows to showcase a range of activities that can be done inside the shop, such as live cooking or crafting workshops. This can be a fun way to attract attention and encourage people to visit your shop, and it also gives the impression that your store is a social space for meeting friends or engaging with your community.

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