Cannabins Seed and Its Terpenes



The cannabis seed of the Cannabis sativa L. plant is rich in fatty acids and contains essential aminoacids, but the true power of the seed lies in its phytochemical complexity: the various terpenes present in a strain’s buds underpin its taste and aroma, and influence the psychoactive effect that it produces. In addition, the seed is able to produce high quality oils, thanks to which it can be used for alimentary and medicinal purposes.

Amongst our catalogue you’ll find regular seeds that produce both male and female plants, perfect for those who want to experiment with crossing their favourite strains and create new hybrids. We also offer auto-flowering varieties that, with their short flowering times and reactions to stress, are a good solution for those who wish to grow large harvests in limited spaces.

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In recent years breeders have been focusing on the development of strains with intense and sweet flavours, such as Biscotti Mintz with its delicious cookies and chocolate aromas or Purple Punch with its delicious apple pastel tastes. The fruity flavours of these strains are a result of a careful selection and pairing of different genes, in order to obtain the best balance between aromatic and psychoactive properties. Terpenes (the phytochemical compounds that give flowers their aroma and flavour) are a crucial factor for the enjoyment of any cultivar. The terpenes in particular that play an important role in this regard are caryophyllene, limonene and pinene. These substances are known to have antibacterial, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties.


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