How to Use an Email Validator to Ensure Your Campaigns Reach a Valid Inbox


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Email communication is critical to marketing, customer service and generating new leads. Using an email validator and cleaning up your lists of bad addresses can help ensure that your campaigns will reach a valid inbox, reduce soft and hard bounces and improve overall deliverability and engagement.

An free e mail checker validator is a tool that connects to an email server in real time to verify an email address, identify if it’s a disposable or temporary account, a known spam or fraudulent email address, a misspelled or typoed address, and more. This information can then be used to clean up the list of email addresses, prevent undeliverable emails and avoid spam complaints that damage sender reputation.

Verify Your Contacts: How to Use Free Email Checker to Avoid Sending Messages to Invalid or Fake Email Addresses

Most email verification systems offer free trials, free limited credits or a free plan that allow marketers to test out the service before investing in it. Most also integrate with popular email marketing tools, which makes it easier for marketers to use them. Some also offer a desktop client, which can be used to scan email addresses on the go.

A good email verification system can scrub your lists of catch-all addresses such as info@, sales@, or support@. These are addresses that aren’t associated with a specific user and are considered bad practice for marketers. They can trigger excessive spam complaints that hurt your deliverability and are tracked by providers. It’s also important to keep in mind that even a small amount of invalid addresses can cause significant hard bounces and lower your deliverability score.

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