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FPS, RTS and RPGs are some of the most popular genres in the mobile game market but if you are looking for the Best Mobile Games Online then you should consider Gramno Infinity. Gramno is a French-founded, independent game development company that has been creating high quality, free to play online games for more than five years now. Their first release came with the award winning “Gemstones: An Orbit Story” and now their second release, entitled “Cubes”, has taken the gaming world by storm.

Proof That Best Mobile Games Online Really Works

The premise of Gramno Infinity is quite simple, all your favorite genres of MMORPG style games are all here: combat, role playing, racing, RPG, puzzles, etc. You can even throw in a bit of simulation with the free battles that you can do in the campaign or multi-player battles when you find a player online who wants to battle. The free campaigns are really exciting too, I had a tough time deciding which ones to play, but I ended up playing all of them because they are all so different and interesting. It’s kind of hard to decide what to choose from since there are so many great games to play online free right now.

If you’re one of those gamers that really likes customizable avatars, you’ll love playing “Cubes” because there are so many different types of avatars that you can pick from. There are animals like monkeys, dolphins and horses, and people like wrestlers, jockeys, chefs and even president Obama! The only avatar you can’t change is your face, so you’ll have to get used to playing as this character. Another great thing about playing as an animated character in a game such as Gramno Infinity is that you get to create your own character and build your skills up until you unlock him. As you battle your way through the campaign you will be unlocking more advanced units that will be able to take down more powerful enemies, so having a good character is certainly recommended for mobile games online.

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