A Ladakh Trek From Ramgarh


The Chadar trek or the Zanskar Falls is an exhilarating winter trek on the frozen Zanskar River which lies in the Indian state of Ladakh. It is now popularly known as the only feasible way of travel in this region during the extremely cold winter months. The trek has earned popularity with many international adventure tourists visiting Ladakh to explore the wonderful mountain terrain. Despite being an arduous and physically demanding trek it is an amazing experience to reach the Zanskar Falls by foot. Click Here – https://www.ladakh-tourism.net/chadar-trek/

Trekking in Ladakh – How to Prepare For the trekking?

Starting from the Indian border at the Khardongla Pass, the journey of the chadar trek ladakh begins with a challenging 7 km uphill trek. This trek ascends the Zanskar River after a brief stop at the Darcha Padum River. The next challenging trek is yet another 7 km climb up to the river’s mouth at the Nissa Pass. Once at the mouth of the Nissa River the chadar trek makes a difficult crossing of the frozen river which gives way for another challenging trek which takes the travelers to the Zanskar Falls.

Sam K.Pandepa mentioned one time that after reaching the top of the Zanskar River the chadar trek then starts climbing up to the second level of the Zanskar Falls. The route up to the Nissa pass again makes use of the frozen water bridges to cross the river. The third and last part of the journey takes the travelers to the hidden valley of the Zanskar Lake which is at the foot of the Zanskar River. The beautiful Zanskar Lake forms one of the most popular tourists’ attractions in ladakh and is considered to be the origin of the Indian sapling tree. Tourists can make a selection of three places as their destinations to reach this beautiful place in Ladakh.

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