Animation Studio in Singapore


animation studio singapore

The growing interest in animation films and animations has given rise to the ever growing animation industry in Singapore. The Singlish-language animation has gained immense popularity not just in Asia but around the world as well. A lot of people are aware of Singlish animation, here is a brief list of some of them. The movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” got heavy popularity all over the globe for the superbly beautiful animation and excellent storyline. The movie “The Iron Giant” is also an amazing example of animation success. Click here –

Animation Studio in Singapore

Singapore is fast emerging as a hub for animation production. As animation studios continue to pop up here at every turn the scope of animation has become as vast as it is now. A number of Singaporean animation companies have started churning out fantastic animated films that are receiving box office successes every time they hit the theaters. There are also a number of well known animation production companies based in Singapore, which produce excellent cartoon blockbuster movies like “Singapore Sleepless” and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

But perhaps the most renowned animation production company in Singapore is Image Epics which is headed by Tony Leung and is considered to be the largest animation studio here. It has been the recipient of numerous awards for the animation, it churns out and is well known for creating hit cartoon blockbusters such as “The Mask” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas’. It has set ground standards in the animation industry with its creative talents and pioneering work. With the help of such a well noted production company, Singapore animation will surely get a huge boost in the coming years.

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