Neon Lion – A Review of the Life Size Alternative to the Lion


The Neon Lion is quite an Ultra Rare Pet from Safari Egg. It’s worth a bit more than even the Jungle Egg though. Currently it’s worth about a bit less than the Roborovski Snowboard. This toy has become rather popular amongst those who love animals, particularly the Lion. I have seen many children dressed up as a Lion from a very young age… so this has become somewhat of a rite of passage for some children (though I think that they’ll admit that they were never really “Lion”, but rather a very cute and loving cat).

How to Know About Neon Lion

What I like about the Lion, other than its face, is the way that it moves. It really doesn’t have any distinct moves, but it moves in a very exaggerated manner. It walks with its front legs, then another pair of legs, then it uses its tail to propel itself forward. It’s a very entertaining toy to watch, and I enjoy watching the adults who have the privilege of playing with this toy.

The only real problem I have ever really had with the Neon Lion, other than people constantly stealing it from me when I was a child, is that it isn’t actually that bright. Like I said earlier, it’s rather popular with children… but if you haven’t seen a child glow-in-the-dark lion then you may not understand what I’m talking about. I can assure you though that the neon lion is the greatest toy lion ever made!

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