Where to Buy Psilocybin Spores


where to buy psilocybinWhere to buy psilocybin can be tricky. Although there are some states in the US that have legalized their use, purchasing them is still illegal.

The DEA continues to hunt down organized criminals who traffic in and produce unauthorized drugs. However, spores can be purchased in some countries. If you are interested in spores, there are some tips to help you make a purchase.

First, you must be aware of your local laws. Some states, like California, have written regulations on spores. They do not allow the sale of psilocybin, but you can legally buy spores if you are a bonafide researcher.

Another good way to buy spores is by growing them yourself. You can get a grow kit that includes everything you need to start growing mushrooms. This is also legal in Canada.

Penalties for Psilocybin

Lastly, you can also purchase spores online. However, you will need to be very careful. Many spore vendors sell spores only for research purposes, so you may have to do a bit of research before you buy.

When you do buy psilocybin spores, make sure you get them from a legitimate vendor. Look for a website that has a long history of consumer reviews. Also, make sure they have a contact page and FAQs.

A good source of information is to ask people in mushroom forums. There are many psilocybin-containing species. All of them have different physical traits and growth patterns. These can help you identify the type you want to grow.

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