What to Expect From a Tennis Court Repair Company


tennis court repair company

A tennis court repair company is an investment that requires maintenance to ensure it is a safe and comfortable playing surface. A quality court should be resurfaced or repaired every four to eight years. A reputable tennis court repair company can help owners maintain their courts with professional-grade materials and high-quality workmanship. They are also committed to offering affordable rates and excellent customer service.

An asphalt-based surface will need to be resurfaced every three to six years. Resurfacing involves repairing cracks, filling depressions, and applying several coats of paint. Once the resurfacing is completed, the contractor adds any accessories that the owner wants to use on their court.

Choosing the Right Tennis Court Repair Company: What to Look for and Avoid

Using a concrete-based surface can last ten to twelve years before needing resurfacing. Resurfacing requires repairing cracks, filling in depressions, and adding a new cushioned coating system. Once the resurfacing is completed, contractors will apply several coats of acrylic and spray on lines.

Water damage is common on tennis courts, and standing water can leave mineral deposits that create depressions in the court. These depressions pose tripping hazards for players, and should be filled as soon as they form to avoid further damage.

An experienced tennis court repair company uses a special crack repair method to prevent the spread of cracks. The ARMOR Crack Repair System uses knitted fabric to expand as the cracks move, which prevents them from tearing or delaminating from the surface. It can be used on both concrete and asphalt surfaces, and the company is certified to install leading brands of paving products like Plexipave, Har-Tru, NLS Lighting, and Premier Court.

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