What is Probate and Letters of Administration?


what is probate qld

When what is probate qld passes away, the executor or next of kin must obtain a Queensland Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration in order to access and deal with the deceased’s estate. This can be time consuming and frustrating, especially in light of the emotional and legal matters that need to be dealt with.

In Queensland, the application process for probate involves publishing a notice of intention to apply in the QLR and lodging a complete set of documents with the Supreme Court of Queensland. This process is complicated and requires specific knowledge of the law. The Supreme Court will not make a grant of probate unless the executors have published and lodged all required documents. If any of the documents are incorrect, the Supreme Court will requisition the executors to make the necessary corrections.

Understanding Probate in Queensland: A Comprehensive Guide to the Estate Administration Process

As a result of this, many executors contact a specialist probate lawyer to help them make their application for a Queensland Grant of Probate. The expert will review the deceased’s death certificate and other relevant information to determine whether a Queensland Grant of Probate is required. This includes information from financial institutions, government agencies and service providers where the deceased has accounts.

This Quick Laws DIY Probate kit explains how to handle a simple estate and provides the forms and checklist that are required to be submitted with the Supreme Court. The kit is regularly updated by an experienced Australian lawyer and could save you tens of thousands in legal fees.

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