The 411 on the Auto Shack and the 510 Threaded Battery


510 battery

The 510 threading system is a technology that can be found in most, if not all of the rechargeable batteries that are manufactured today. This system allows for the use of more internal space to hold the materials needed to make the battery last longer and has a very limited effect on the overall performance and longevity of the battery. There are a couple of different ways that the threads on the 510 can impact the overall life of the battery, but it is important to remember that only one of these options actually affects the battery life in any noticeable way. The other way is by changing the energy sources used to power the battery when it is low on power.


The first part of the new technology is that the power source for the Auto Shut Off can be changed from the vehicle’s electrical system to a DC signal. This change allows for a very clever new technology called the Smart Battery. The Auto Shut Off works with the new battery highlights and is calling the – smart battery. With the new technology the Auto Shutdown does not need any sort of external power source to start the motor, so it will only use its own energy source to keep running – smart battery.


One of the biggest advantages of the new Auto-Shut-Offs and the new 510 battery is the fact that they are both completely enclosed systems. One of the biggest drawbacks to an open cell battery was the issues that could occur due to the constant opening and closing of the cell. However, with the new Auto Shack Off, the open cell problem is eliminated and this ensures the longevity and reliability of the Auto Shack, which is why so many people are choosing the new style.

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