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Sobha Attibele is a perfume which is manufactured by the renowned Indian designer Sabyasachi Attibele. The name of the perfume itself is inspired by the famous quote attributed to the renowned British writer, V.S. Twain “Everything good that has been, comes from somewhere”. Sobha Attibele was inspired by this line and has since launched a variety of fragrances, all of which bear the name of ‘Attibele’. A unique feature of this brand is that it incorporates the entire family of fragrances under one roof. So, in essence, the entire collection of Sobha Attibele consists of perfume, Cologne, body lotion, shampoos and soaps.

Who Is Your Sobha Attibele Customer?

The fragrance range of Sobha Attibele is extremely stylish and contemporary. It features an eclectic mixture of notes which are blended to create the perfect blend of perfume, body lotion, conditioner and shampoo. Some of the more popular fragrances include: Floral Power, Golden Hour, Fresh Strawberry, Indulge, Leadless Rose, Pink Pepper, Mela Mambo and Moong, which are the perfume fragrance with the most number of scents. Sobha Attibele also offers a large range of scented body lotions and creams. The body lotions and creams, which are produced by Sobha Attibele have a very exotic smell which is extremely sensual.

In essence, Sobha Attibele has created a fragrance empire which is still growing strong despite the fact that the market has become saturated by brands like Dior, Calvin Klein and Gucci. There is no doubt that Sobha Attibele is the new face of Indian perfume. It is very innovative and modern while creating a fragrance which every woman will love. It is no wonder that the brand is rapidly growing and getting a tremendous response from women across the world.

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