Router Login


The router’s default username and password are important if you want to use it. You can find them in the device’s user manual, on a label attached to it, or on the manufacturer’s website. Many router login uses these defaults, but you may want to change them. There are ways to do so. The first step is to locate the router’s serial number. Make sure that it matches the one you have on hand.

How to Change the Router Login Credentials

If you cannot recall the router’s IP address, you can use the router’s default IP address. This IP address is displayed on your Internet browser’s address bar. Type in the IP address in the web browser and click “Connect”. The router’s login panel will open in a new window. You must be logged in to access the settings. To change the password, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website or contact their support team.

If you have forgotten your router’s username or password, you can always try logging in with its default credentials. These are commonly admin or password, depending on the model. If you have any problems logging in, go to the router’s manufacturer’s website and follow the steps therein. However, if you can’t remember the username and password, then you can try searching for them on the internet. If you don’t know them, then the manufacturer’s website will list them.

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