Roller Shutters – Melbourne, Australia


Global Roller Shutters is pleased to introduce you some of the highest quality, durable commercial and residential shutters available in Australia. Give our products the advantage you deserve with the wide variety we offer. Whatever you require from indoor window shutters, ensure that you will get the right option with us. From standard to exotic, from pre-finished to custom made, from large format to mini sized, Roller Shutters is sure to give you what you want. Roller Shutters offers services for large and small businesses, domestic and commercial installations. Let us show you the difference you will make when you use our products.

Roller Shutters, Australia

For business installations, we are here to help you design your window covering or both sides of your office windows, giving your interior a face lift. We can also custom make roller shutters to fit any specifications you might have. Whether it’s a simple roll up or sliding system, our expert technicians are willing to come to your aid whenever you call them for help.

For residential and commercial applications, we can provide window coverings by telephone, online, or by appointment. When it comes to the residential application, our companies offer vinyl, aluminium and composite products that offer both noise reduction and energy savings. Noise reduction reduces disturbance and allows for privacy while energy savings helps you reduce your bills and stay within your energy efficiency target. Whether it’s a replacement or a new installation, our experts can take care of all your requirements ensuring that your window coverings compliment your house and add to the appearance as well.

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