Properties Investment Melbourne


The renowned cultural capital of Australia, world-leading sport, food and cafe culture and top notch education, healthcare and amenity are just some of the reasons that make Melbourne a popular place to live. It is also one of the world’s most liveable cities – and it is no surprise that property investors see the city as a top location for their portfolios.

What will property prices be in 2030 Melbourne?

Properties Investment Melbourne market is complex. And there are many people out there who promise quick riches and easy money. Some are out to confuse and separate you from your hard-earned cash. It is important to understand your risk profile and what you want from an investment property in Melbourne. This will help you avoid being seduced by the siren song of property investment gurus who promise high returns and low risk.

If you are looking for residential property that will provide good yields and the potential for great capital growth, consider buying townhouses in inner-city suburbs. These properties are suited to families and are often in the low-rise developments that are popular with downsizers. They tend to perform well and are less cyclical than high-rise apartments in Melbourne’s inner-city areas.

On the commercial side, industrial property provides higher yields and may offer much stronger capital gains if you buy a well-located facility in an area where there is strong demand for warehousing and logistics. It’s not unusual to see yields of 5-7 per cent and even higher if you invest in the right industrial asset.

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