NACE Inspection Institute Courses Available Online


NACE Inspection Institute Courses Available Online

For those who want to become a certified NACE Inspector NACE inspectors Tankproinc, there are several courses available online. You can also attend an in-person class. The first online course is set for March 29-30, 2020. NACE instructors are now opening their schedules to accommodate students’ needs. To earn the NACE inspector certification, you must earn CIP. This course covers the fundamentals of coatings inspection. After completing the training, you can apply to become a certified NACE inspector.

NACE Inspection Institute certifications are backed by the NACE International Institute. This nonprofit organization focuses on improving the performance of the corrosion control industry through workforce certification and programs. Its mission is to protect the environment and public safety by reducing the effects of corrosion. Founded in 1943, NACE is dedicated to the science of corrosion testing and inspection. Members work to ensure the safety of processes and equipment. Certifications are earned through coursework or employment in the industry. These credentials indicate the highest level of competence and are necessary in today’s global economy.

In order to become certified, a person must complete training hours and pass an exam. There are various NACE courses available online. NACE International has two brick-and-mortar training centers in Houston, Texas and Dubai, UAE. The Elcometer Building in Houston, Texas provides over 125 courses. The NACE Training Center in Dubai offers hands-on training experiences. There are also courses in coating inspection. These courses last six days.

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