Medical Cannabis and Hemp Testing at LUX LEAF Diagnostics


Diagnostics is a state of the art medical cannabis and hemp lux | CBDLuxe lab located in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 2021 in response to the new medicinal cannabis industry in Georgia, we offer a variety of 3rd party lab testing for both medical cannabis and hemp growers across the Southeast.

What is hemp in drugs?

Many growers approach their light with a “the more, the better” mindset, but this strategy is only good until you hit 75,000 lux. Exposure to this level of light intensity is known as “light stress,” which reduces plant health and limits yield. A lux meter can help you find the ideal light positioning in your canopy to avoid light stress while also maximising the benefits of your lighting system. While lux meters are a useful tool, they don’t provide the same information as photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) meters. This type of meter measures how much light that drives photosynthesis is hitting your plants, and it has more utility within horticulture.

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