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The painters mornington peninsula has been a drawcard for artists since the 1850s. The art-focused region has a thriving community of galleries and heritage attractions. The area also has an active culture of public art projects, local artisan studios and cultural events.

Whether you want to make a bold statement with wall murals or want to create a subtle, sophisticated look with custom wallpaper, find professional painters and designers here on Houzz. They can help you choose the right paint colours and finishes to complement your style. Browse photos of their latest work and read reviews from previous clients. You can even message them directly to discuss your ideas.

Exploring the Vibrant Art Scene of Mornington Peninsula: A Guide for Art Enthusiasts

Most homes need a fresh coat of exterior paint every five or 10 years. Painting the outside of a home is more complicated than interiors, as you need to consider fascia, eves, gutters and window and door frames. A qualified painter will take into account all of these details when preparing and carrying out the job. They will also use specialist equipment and paint that is designed to withstand the elements.

The SG Coatings team was recently featured in an article in the Mornington Peninsula magazine. This was a great article about supporting local small businesses and the importance of backing our tradies. By using a local painter, you are not only supporting a business, but also helping the families that work within it. Every little bit helps. It could pay for a child’s dance lessons or a family’s weekly food shop.

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