Eyelash Extensions – Choosing the Correct Length and Curl Strength


Eyelash extensions give women the opportunity to wake up with gorgeous lashes that make them look like they’ve just applied mascara. They can also eliminate the need for other forms of makeup around the eyes such as eyeliner and false lashes. The process is safe and virtually painless (the only exception is if the client has a very sensitive eye area).

The cost of extension lashes varies by location, technician and final look. For instance, a starter set from Envious Lashes costs $105, while a full-set of “Bombshells”—a favorite of celebrity esthetician Mary J Blige—can cost upwards of $550.

Before getting a set of extension lashes, it’s recommended that clients read reviews about the salon they’re going to visit and the esthetician they’re scheduling with. Additionally, it’s important to stop using any products that may irritate the delicate eye area, such as retinol, acids, scrubs and acne treatments.

Transform Your Eyes: Exploring Extension Lashes

During the application process, the lash artist will usually ask the client what kind of look they’re going for, such as natural or glamorous. When it comes to lash length, the standard recommendation is that the lash artist not go more than 3mm past a client’s natural lash length. This helps to prevent permanent damage to the lash hair follicles that can lead to shorter, thinner and weaker natural lashes as they grow out.

The lash artist will then choose the ideal extension length and curl strength based on that information, along with other factors such as the size and orientation of the client’s eyes. Some lash extension brands offer different material options too, such as mink, silk or synthetic.

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