Catch Can Kits – Installation


catch can kits

Catch Can Kits are basically the components needed to mount a diesel engine on top of your pickup truck. This kit is designed to allow you to store diesel fuel that has been procured from a local oil company, in an easily cleanable steel container, which you can then use to run your truck. The kits themselves come in two primary forms, either diesel or petrol fueled. The diesel fuel catch can kit features a steel fuel can and a fuel cell, while the petrol kit comes with a steel fuel can and a fuel cell.


In order to purchase these types of kits, you will need to visit your local manufacturer and distributor and purchase the appropriate components. These components include the aforementioned fuel cells, which are situated directly underneath the oil catch can itself; the two crankcase valves, which are also located directly underneath the can; and the valve covers, which are used to seal the fuel and regulate its flow through the catch can. These kits typically feature a built in sensor, which monitors engine performance and pressure, and the valve covers are used as seals to prevent liquid from siphoning into the fuel can, causing an imbalance in pressure. In addition, these kits typically include a manual boost pump, which is used to increase cylinder pressure and create a boost in airflow, which raises the engine’s temperature and performance.


Before you begin installation of your new kit, it is important that you inspect your vehicle’s engine bay for any and all possible sources of water intrusion. Check the bottom of the engine bay, the underside of the oil pan, and the underside of the radiator cap for signs of moisture intrusion. Once you have determined that there are no such sources of water intrusion within your vehicle’s engine bay, you are now ready to begin your catch can installation. With your tools in hand, you should begin by removing the oil cap and crankcase valve covers and preparing the engine bay for your new catch can kit.

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