Proven Ways to Find a Fortnite Battle Royale Partner

In recent times, the Battle Royale genre has become dominant in the gaming industry, having even displaced MOBA games and shooters. World-known developers urgently add the Battle Royale mode to their projects. Hip-hop celebrities enjoy playing Fortnite and even record songs on the relevant topics. The most popular streamer on Twitch receives about $500 thousand a month for broadcasting Battle Royale.

Despite the huge popularity of the game, some players do not know exactly how to find a partner for the joint game. So, this article aims to help such gamers in their search.

Top-3 Ways to Find Fortnite Teammate


Plink is the first match-making platform made for gaming lovers. How to use it to find the partner for Fortnite Royale Battle?

  1. Download the app on your PC or/and smartphone.
  2. Register your account in Epic Games group.
  3. Start your search.

Your profile shows detailed statistics on what you play. For example, the statistics for Fortnite shows the number of matches, wins, number of victims, etc. You can also follow yourself in solo, duo or squads.

In a search line, you can find a teammate for the joint game. To start with, the smart search function finds the candidates for you. The result depends on many factors:  

  • Your statistics;
  • Number of hours;
  • Win rate;
  • Your account, etc.

Additionally, you can configure the search yourself: to choose the age, the number of matches, win rate, etc. Primarily, you will be shown the possible teammates by the skill level – you are available to like or skip them. As soon as you choose the proper teammate and approve him or her, the player will immediately get the notification.


Discord is a good choice for both communicating with gamers and finding a teammate for Fortnite. The app is available for Windows and Android users. To talk to your friends or find a mate for a joint game – you have to create your account and integrate with a thematic group for Fortnite.

For example, there are dozens of groups named as Fortnite squad, or Fortnite duo – which means that you can join them and find one or several teammates. You can also create an express invitation for Fortnite yourself and share it in the search tab. Then, you have to wait until somebody joins your team.

3. Social networks

If you do not want to download these apps and just want to spend several hours playing Battle Royale – you can find the thematic groups on social networks. Search for the group on Facebook, share your invitation on Twitter or start own channel on Telegram. Follow the forums on gaming platforms and find the same-minded people for a pleasant pastime.


As you see, there are at least 3 proven ways to find a teammate for Fortnite Battle Royale. Do not hesitate to use the most favorable of them and share your experience with our readers.

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