Landscaping Seaford


Landscaping Seaford – East Riding of Yorkshire is not far away from London and has many famous gardens including those of John James Audubon and Sir Edwin Lutyens. The Lutyens’ Garden is located in Seaford, while John James Audubon’s is situated just opposite to it. Both of these renowned gardens are designed by noted landscapers Alfred Lord Tennyson and Sir Francis Bacon. Today, the area around the Lutyens’ and Audubon’s gardens has grown into a beautiful and thriving town, which makes it a perfect location for landscape designers to work on.

Landscaping Seaford

In many parts of England and Europe, coastal regions have been converted into national parks. Landscape architecture such as that used at the popular national parks such as Great Yarmouth, Exmoor, and Poole’s Sea Life Center are ideal examples of this type of landscaping. When doing a landscaping job on a location such as this, you have to consider two things: firstly, what kind of natural vegetation will thrive in that environment; secondly, what kind of wildlife will inhabit the outdoor space. You would not want to upset the species of sea turtle that is accustomed to its environment and find its home in your landscaping Seaford project. Similarly, you need to ensure that any animals that will inhabit the landscaping Seaford area can be able to cope with the size and condition of the environment, especially given that some of the sea turtles that actually live there migrate throughout much of the year. It is important to understand that a good landscape architect or landscape planner should be able to handle all aspects of this.

As well as the above, an essential element of any good landscaping project in rural areas such as Seaford, is the use of mulch. The most commonly used mulch among household owners in the area is artificial ‘pea gravel’, which can help to retain the soil moisture levels needed. In addition to this, the incorporation of other elements can enhance the overall look of your landscaping, including the addition of plant life such as ‘kelp’ to enhance the look of the soil as well as ‘clover’ to help prevent erosion. Whatever your decision, remember to consult with a professional Landscape Designer who will ensure that your landscaping ideas are sound and that all elements are included.

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