How to Layout Walkway Canopies


An walkway canopies is a great way to add value to your commercial property. It also increases the safety of your patrons as they walk between buildings, and it can protect people from the rain or sun’s harmful rays. A walkway cover can also make your building feel warmer and friendlier, making it a welcoming place for guests or employees to visit.

The layout of a walkway canopy is an important aspect to consider. Ideally, the structure is located away from the building and any structures that may interfere with it, such as an existing wall or a power line. It is also helpful to include a means of egress near the walkway canopy so that it can be used as an evacuation route in case of an emergency.

Weatherproofing Solutions: Covered Walkways for All Seasons

While many covered walkways are located on sidewalks, they can be placed on a raised platform or a stair system. If there are any steps or ramps within the canopy, it is crucial to design the structure so that rainwater doesn’t seep through the gap between the lower and higher deck sections. One way to do this is by using a system with a stepped deck, where the higher canopy section hangs over the lower one.

Another way to reduce water flow is by using a system with built-in gutters. Rather than having a traditional downspout, this style of canopy uses the canopy posts as downspouts, and they are equipped with deflectors that direct water away from the walkway. Panel Built’s walkway canopies are available in a wide range of colors and designs to fit into any setting.

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