How to Check Your Teammate`s Fortnite Statistics

Fortnite tracker is a service that allows you to track your characteristics inside the game. In the article, we will tell you how to watch the KD of your opponent or teammate. You can also find out how many matches he won, how many of them he played in each mode, and what his win rate is.

Fortnite Tracker for PC and Consoles

The most popular Fortnite tracker is TRN (Fortnite Tracker Network). It provides comprehensive information, both for the analysis of your game and of opponents who play on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

Having opened the website, the first thing you should do is to use the search bar. You just need to enter your or teammate`s current Fortnite nickname and press Enter. The screen shows the current info for the account that you entered.

What Statistics Does the Fortnite Tracker Provide?

Let us take a closer look at what information the service provides.

1. Overview

In this section, you can find general info about the player. For example, we can find out that Ninja won 5,120 times over the entire time of playing Fortnite, his average percentage of victories is 36.1, he made 98,011 killings and the average number of kills in one life is 10.81 enemies.

Then, you can notice 3 tables: single, duo, and squads. You can check the Fortnite stats by the following criteria:

  • Wins;
  • Kills;
  • Win %;
  • K/D;
  • Top 3, 5, 10.

We also want to note that after the first entry of nickname, the service will automatically track this account. So, you will immediately receive all the important information next time.

2. Progress

In this section, you can track how the game skill increased or fell. You can easily determine which skill is worse developed.

There is only one global filter in the section. It allows you to choose the type of analyzed matches: solo, squad or duo. In the first window, you can check how the current season data differs from the results of previous seasons or for all time. For instance, Ninja has a 5% lower win rate in the solo mode of the current season than last season.

3. Matches

The section contains information on the last matches of the player. Here you will find out how many enemies a particular player killed per game, won or lost, and how many tracker points he received.

4. Bests

In this section, you can see the matches in which the player made the most kills. The statistics indicate whether the player won or lost when the game took place and in what mode he played.Finally, Fortnite tracker is a powerful service for analyzing stats, which is also compulsory to use to follow your teammates. If you still have any questions about the tool or want to share any ideas on how to improve your skills in Fortnite – leave comments.

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