How to Check Your Place in the Fortnite Rating

Many Fortnite fans around the world improve their skills every day. Each of them distinguishes some progress, changing their win rate, number of matches and killed competitors. All these factors influence their place in the Fortnite rating. However, even if your progress seems to be significant to you, it may be less when comparing to other players. It makes very important to follow your skill level in the global rating, and we will tell you how to do it.

What is Fortbase Stats?

Fortbase Stats is a player statistics tracker for the popular battle game. You can find the best players and streamers by Epic username and see their number of kills, win/mortality rates, total games played and other interesting Fortnite statistics. The data is obtained directly from the Epic Games API, so it is always updated. It supports all the possible platforms for PC, PS4, and XBOX. IOS and Android platforms will be added soon.

So, if you want to check your statistics and place in the rating, just insert your Epic name in the search line and find out all the data. You can check up the info by the criteria:

  • game mode (solo, duo or squad);
  • platform (Xbox, PC, PS4);
  • category (rating, matches, kills, wins, minutes, top-3, top-5, etc.);
  • season (all seasons, 5th season, 9th season, etc.).

So, at this website, there are two possible ways to check your progress. You can compare yourself with other players in the general rating or checking your improvements in the individual stats. For example, a player under the nickname dakotaz can be followed by his individual statistics:

In solo:

  • Matches – 521;
  • Rank – 1;
  • Rating – 4,688;
  • Wins – 84;
  • Win rate – 16.10%;
  • Top-10 – 171;
  • Kills – 2,327.

The same info can be obtained in duets and squads.

What is TRN Fortnite?

This is probably the most popular international platform for checking the world statistics for Fortnite. It gives all the possible info about the players including all the mentioned above. Currently, it follows more than 70 million users worldwide and shows the most recent updates possible. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to follow the recent news, events stats including World Cup, season rates, and much other useful info which every player should know.

So, it is not difficult to check your progress now – it is all available for users online. If your statistics are not shown, then you have to check if your account is integrated with the Epic games official website.

The Fortnight Tracker is useful for those who like to compete and play not only for fun. Whether you are a newcomer or pro – you have to follow your rate to know what should be improved. If you still have any questions to ask – reach us in comments. Meanwhile, we wish you success on the battlefields and stable connection.

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