How Much to Play to Become a Professional

Many of pros have begun a career at home in front of the PC monitor. After months (or even years) of practice, they have become popular with a huge number of fans and followers. The oldest of them is just over thirty, and the cash prizes that winners receive contain five or even six zeros. These are not popular artists, football players or NBA stars. These are gamers. How to become a professional cyber sportsman? Let’s figure out.

What is the Difference Between a Professional and Regular Player?

First of all, the difference is how much time you spend playing the game. An ordinary gamer plays 4-7 hours a day, while a professional – from 10 to 16 hours. Secondly, the approach is also different. A pro trains more often and thinks during a match, while ordinary gamers just enjoy the game. Finally, for e-sportsmen, the game is not a hobby but a work, which must be done very responsibly. Every year the prize in tournaments is getting bigger, so there is no place for fun.

What Kind of Investments Does eSports Require?

  1. Good Internet connection. You will not show a good performance without it.
  2. Good PC supporting at least 150-200 fps.
  3. Mouse.
  4. Headphones.
  5. Convenient chair.

In this sphere, everything matters. If you want to succeed, there should be no distractions.  

What Should the eSportsman Training Include Besides Playing a Lot?

Each player must find something that will help to progress or just calm down. Sport helps to get rid of negative emotions and just relax. This is a good practice, especially because professional players spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

How to Earn Money in Esports?

There are many sources of income in eSports these days: salary in the club, prize money, sponsorship contracts. If you want to have good sponsorship contracts, which, like in big sports, depend on your recognition, then you will have to start your media brand. Almost every team has a staff that promotes the players’ brand on social networks.

To do this, you must actively use accounts on social networks, arrange broadcasts on streaming platforms, and create content. There are many ways, but all these require tremendous efforts. You need to be a real professional, able to play, and communicate with the public.


If you are a new player – you have to be patient. It is very difficult to join the top organizations and become a pro. This may take several years, but you need to train a lot and constantly work on yourself. Be noticeable: do not be afraid to learn and bring something new to the game. The main thing is to set the goal and move step-by-step towards it.

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